A lab that is overlooking the picturesque and beautiful hills of Lugano, Switzerland can never be far from Sports! Lake Lugano and the surrounding mountains provide, one of the best places in the world to soak and indulge in outdoor activity. It is home to over 300 kilometers of mountain biking trails, the largest net of trails in Switzerland.

While the Baratelli family have always been avid sports lovers, it was one of those eventful discussions with some bikers which led to the start of an eventful journey into the world of Sports Nutrition. The year was 2006; Italy and Switzerland still yearned for genuine nutrition options. The discussions with the cyclists and numerous other sky runners pointed to unmet needs. And here was a company which took huge pride in being a world class effervescent manufacturer.

Can we make a product which is effervescent, has the right ingredients, unbeatable mix of amino acids, and of course helped in energy and recovery? The answer was a big YES! Easier said than done though. But with passion and competency, dreams do come true. After multiple attempts at getting the right mix of efficacy, taste, flavour and also imagined perception, the lab in Lugano was ready to start the tryst with the outside world. In late 2006, with childish eagerness the first sample was sent out to the same cyclists who cried for better products. The initial reaction was nice but with a new product, that is only half the work done. The product was put to test amongst multiple sportspersons including runners, cyclists and sky runners. The verdict was unanimous!

Effervescent tablets had delivered. It had the right mix which gave results over a period of time. Faster absorption and better bio-availability was an unbeatable combination. On the go, a product was needed which was easy to use, practical, fast and gave the desired results!

FAST&UP, a new brand in Sports Nutrition took shape! It heralded the development of a platform of products for sports nutrition. What followed were some highly innovative products which catered to joint care – FlexiFast, recovery – Pool and a few other ones. Each addressed a specific need of a sportsperson or a health enthusiast. Combinations of amino acids and vitamins which delivered immense value to Sports created positive traction in the sports circles!

Today the journey of FAST&UP continues! “All in One and One for All” which stresses on quality and inclusiveness, truly exemplifies the core of the brand as it stands and grows today.

We pride ourselves in making products which make a difference to athletes and health enthusiasts. The Sports journey began in Switzerland with a vision to provide smart and innovative products to the market. With highly innovative Swiss R&D and Italian inputs, the company set out to revolutionise the way sports nutrition is administered. Over a period of time Fast&Up became a recognisable brand in Europe and the US with a platform of products built around the effervescent technology! The founders of Fast&Up have always held a passion for sports and that has been symbolised by the kind of products which the brand has brought to the market.

Extensive testing over different conditions and geographies has ensured that we bring out products which meets the requirement of our diverse customers yet ensuring performance levels are in no way compromised!
Come join the Fast&Up journey! Time begins!